Stay Clear of Spring Allergies

Stay Clear of Spring Allergies

Last Updated on September 7, 2021

Ah spring, what a wonderful time of year! The changing season brings a breath of fresh air to the harsh winter weather. The fresh spring air is a perfect invitation to get outside and enjoy the wilderness. That is until spring pollen causes eye watering, nose running allergies.  Stay clear of spring allergies with the tips below.

Protect Yourself from Pollen

Before you even start the day, see how prepared you should be for the allergens outside. Pollen is not the only allergen out there, but when it comes to seasonal allergies, it causes the most symptoms. In the spring, pollen is particularly an issue. You may even see pollen traveling through the air outside. Visit the to see the pollen levels in your state before you start the day.

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Enjoy the Quiet Hours

According to a study done at Aarhus University stated, most pollens reach peak levels around noon or early afternoon. Choosing to hike in the late evenings could be helpful to preventing allergy flare ups.  However, some doctors like Hugh H. Windom MD, (associate clinical professor of immunology at the University of South Florida) believes that there is not a specific time that allergy outbreaks can happen. Taking the steps to avoid allergens can be useful at any time of the day.

Consider the Allergens Inside

Choosing to stay indoors can be a temporary solution on day with high pollen levels, but, make sure your home is allergen free as well. Start a spring-cleaning routine which includes regular dusting. In addition, use your air conditioner rather than opening the windows for a breeze. A home air filtration system can also rid the air in your home of allergens.

Dress, and Undress for the Occasion

Stay Clear of Spring AllergiesNaturally when you step outside, your hair, skin, and clothing can become covered in pollen. One way to avoid an allergy flareup is to put a barrier between you and the allergens. Cover your face and skin with sunglasses, hats, scarfs, long pants, and sleeves. If you feel the need to wear a face mask to protect from severe symptoms that is also an option.

Then be sure to remove clothing items that have been exposed to allergens before entering your house or car. Removing any jackets or scarfs outside of the home and shaking them out, as well as taking a shower to rinse off the pollen in your hair can prevent the allergens from lingering in your home. Do the same for your car by placing your outer garments such as hat, scarf, or jacket in the trunk or at least the back seat of the car. This will prevent any pollen left on your clothes from entering the air on the interior of these spaces where we spend so much time. Even if you do not suffer from spring allergies, this simple step could benefit those you live with.

See the Doctor

If your allergies hinder you to the point where you regularly stay inside, make sure to seek medical advice. Even if you normally do not suffer from allergies, some seasons have different allergens which may catch you by surprise. A professional can help identify your symptoms, and let you know if you need to take an allergy test or the appropriate medication so you can enjoy the outdoors. Nothing should keep you from the wonderful spring season!

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Spring into the Season

Don’t let the blossoming flowers bring you anything but joy.  With the tips above you can get outside, put a flower in your cap and enjoy the plants and spring colors outdoors without a concern for allergies.

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