Sea to Summit Lightweight Dry Sack Review

Sea to Summit Lightweight Dry Sack Review

Last Updated on May 11, 2021

Instead of carrying several smaller waterproof bags or double bagging Ziplock’s around dry goods, I turn to my Sea to Summit Dry Bag. The 35-liter size is large enough to hold all of my valuables, while still being easily portable. I have no complaints about this bag, but some users notice and voice their concerns. This article unfolds some of the benefits of the Sea to Summit dry bag, its best uses, as well as some weaknesses.

Highlighted Features of Sea to Summit Dry Sack

Size and Weight

Sea to Summit offers a variety of sizes for their dry bags. Options from as small as 3L to 65L are available to meet the personal needs of each buyer. I chose to go with the 35L as I wanted more space for larger items such as a sleeping bag, while also keeping the pack travel friendly. Compared to other dry bags with similar sizes, the Sea to Summit dry bag, coming in at only 7.7 oz, is one of the lightest. The dimensions are 13”x8”x28” which creates an oval shape, easy to pack and hard to roll away.


High performance materials are used in the manufacturing of the S2S (Sea to Summit) dry bag. A 70D waterproof fabric with a PU coating makes this bag durable while water-resistant.  The lashing loops are advertised to resist chemicals, temperatures, and ultraviolet light due to their Hypalon material.

Sea to Summit Dry bag


As an affordable option, Sea to Summit delivers a reliable waterproof backpacking bag. The product is durable and has proven itself to be a great choice for my camping and backpacking excursions. I have also taken the bag on kayaking trips with no problems.  Sea to Summit states that this bag should not be fully submerged, and it is not advised to use for marine or river environments. Honestly, I imagine it would be hard to submerge this bag due to an air pocket that naturally forms, causing the bag to float. Some reviews state that the bag cannot be submerged because of the stitched seams. Nevertheless, several tests, including my own river test checked the waterproof capabilities of the dry bag and the results showed to keep the contents inside dry, even when submerged.

If used correctly, with the top rolled down appropriately, and not over packed, the bag works wonderfully. While best for backpacking, the Sea to Summit dry bag can be used in several different environments (except for scuba diving or dragging it in the water). If you are still concerned, Sea to Summit recommends storing electronics in a Ziplock bag inside the dry bag for extra protection

River Test of Sea to Summit Dry Bag

River Test of Sea to Summit Dry Bag


Sea to Summit thought through the design of their dry bag down to the color choices. A bright external color makes the bag easy to see in a pack, while a white internal color makes finding contents inside the dry bag easy. The texture is also helpful, with the sleek and smooth exterior that forces water to roll right off. My favorite part of the design is the bag’s shape. The sides round in an oval shape making the bag easy to pack on the interior or exterior of a backpack. I can also sit the bag upright to look inside through the large top opening.


Double stitched and sealed seams as well as 70D waterproof nylon material pair up to be a tough combination. Though the exterior of the pack is made from a strong material with lashing loops, I have only once carried it on the exterior of my pack. There is no need to baby this dry bag, but I also did not want to expose it to unnecessary abuse. Ultimately, it is a well-made bag that has withstood years of outdoor use and still works good as new.


  • Nylon material
  • Light weight and packable
  • Affordable
  • Designed for backpacking
  • Easy to use lash loop
  • Oval shape keeps bag from rolling
  • White inner lining makes items more visible
  • Roll-top is reliable
  • Stainless steel pins are used in the Field Repair Buckle


  • Electronics need an extra layer of protection
  • Should not be completely submerged



My purchase of the Sea-to-Summit Lightweight Dry Sack has been a lifesaver on numerous occasions. While best used and advertised for backpacking, this dry bag is a waterproofing option for many activities. From rain filled camping trips to days on the kayak, I’ve never been disappointed by the Sea to Summit dry bag.


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