Review of The Amphipod AirFlow Lite Waistpack

Amphipod AirFlow Lite Waistpack

Last Updated on April 28, 2021

Oh no, where are the keys?  A moment of panic washed over me when I couldn’t feel the key ring in my hand where it usually resided.  The moment of alarm was immediately replaced with relief as I opened my waist pouch and saw the keys safely there.  After 3 hours on the trail, I had totally forgotten about my new Amphipod waistpack.  Fast forward to several years later and I couldn’t imagine going for a run or hike without it.

Highlighted Features of The Amphipod AirFlow Lite Waistpack

Size and Pocket Space

The Airflow is 8” wide and about 3” tall. Its size is standard in the world of running belts, although smaller and larger options are also available from the Amphipod brand. The size of the waist belt is ideal for shorter runs where you do not need much but a phone and a few emergency dollars.  Larger phones such as the iPhone 7 can easily fit into the pouch along with gels, a wallet, chapstick, money, keys, and similar items. There are three different compartments in the belt for easy organization and access, two of which can be closed with Velcro to prevent items from bouncing.

Amphipod Waistpack Pockets

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The comfort and fit of this pack is due to its excellent design. The AirFlow manages to be a ultra-lightweight, breathable waistpack while still offering a decent sized pouch. Through the use of patented “Airflow” technology, moisture wicks away from the body and prevents rubbing and discomfort. The pouch itself is water-resistant to protect the items in the interior of the pack.  If your outdoor excursions may encounter rain, then be aware that the belt is not totally waterproof.  If you carry electronics in it, first put them in a plastic zip-loc bag or something similar.

Slim Fit

If the waist belt is minimally packed, it is unnoticeable under clothing. Its slim profile comes as an advantage to the user as it can further protect your valuables from being lost or stolen. I have personally found this waist belt to also work as a convenient money belt while traveling.

Customizable Options

Unlike other running belts, the Amphipod AirFlow Lite Waistpack comes in a variety of colors. Find colors ranging from a subtle blue to hi-vis lime green. If you do not already have a bright colored accessory to make yourself noticeable while on a trail, the lime green is a good option to add an element of safety to your attire.

lightweight weistpack

Credit: M. Swigart

Comfort and Fit

When it comes to comfort and fit, the Amphipod AirFlow Lite Waistpack outperforms many other waist pack options. The pack has a wide adjustable, elastic belt that fits securely while also allowing flexibility and freedom of movement when walking or running.  Due to the adjustability of the belt, the waistpack can easily be placed in any position on the waist or hips, catering to individual preferences.  Even though the belt stays snug around your body, it never feels constrictive.  Once you have the pack situated in a comfortable position, you will hardly notice it is there.


  • Airflow mesh material enhances breathability of belt
  • Bounce-free design stays put while running
  • Lightweight
  • Two internal compartments
  • Adjustable waist straps
  • Water-resistant inner pocket
  • Durable zipper secures storage
  • Multiple color options


  • The design is not ideal for holding water
  • Not completely waterproof and can be soaked from sweat

Final Verdict

The Amphipod excels at providing choices of gear when athletic clothes lack the spaces for securing valuables. The Amphipod AirFlow Lite Waistpack is designed to be a reliable waistpack that preforms in a way that should be unnoticeable to the user. This waistpack comfortably sits over or under your clothes for secure storage of valuables. A functional design and bounce-free construction makes it a smarter choice than the traditional waist packs.  Use the Amphipod AirFlow Lite Waistpack as a convenient piece of gear to have on and off the trail.

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