Proventure Hammock Straps Review

Proventure Hammock Straps Review

Last Updated on September 7, 2021

The hammock has become a staple for any camping or backpacking trip. This simple, lightweight, and easy to use invention is the perfect for hanging out and even sleeping after a long day of play and exploration. There is no doubt that you should be packing this relaxation station in your bag for your next adventure, but don’t forget to bring along something to hang your hammock with. This is where the Proventure tree straps come in, making hammock set up easy and secure.

Review of The Proventure Hammock Straps

Simple to Use

Getting your hammock hung is a snap with these straps. Simply start by finding two trees with enough space between them to fit your hammock (up to 16 feet apart). Wrap each strap around the tree, at your desired height, and attach the hammock ends to the straps via the included carabiners. Adjusting your hammock for the amount of tension you want is a breeze, as each strap has more than a dozen loops stitched into the polyester line. Want your hammock to be more taught? Simply clip the carabiner to the next loop closest to the tree. Adjustments are quick, easy, and in no time you will have your perfect fit dialed in.

Take down is lightning fast; remove the carabiners, unloop the straps from the trees, and stash them in the included bag for safe keeping.  With a little practice, you can assemble or dismantle your hammock in a minute!

Maria and brooks on a hammock secured with The Proventure Straps

Quality Construction

These tough hammock straps are ideal for an outdoor enthusiast. They are rugged and durable, as any adventure gear ought to be.  Made of 100% polyester, the 1 inch wide straps are rated to hold 600 pounds.  Combined, that’s more than a half of a ton, so feel free to invite a friend to join. (Provided that your hammock is as strong as these straps!)

Proventure Hammock Straps

Modular loops allow for easy adjustment (carabiner shown came with the hammock)

Each of the modular loops are triple stitched for strength, and are designed so that the weight does not rest on the stitching itself.  It is evident that thorough testing and thought went into the design.  As with any piece of gear that is going to be supporting weight, inspect them before using each time.  I have owned these straps for three years without fail, often times supporting the weight of two people in the hammock at a time.  I am confident that these will last for many more years of adventure and enjoyment.


Proventure straps will work with almost any hammock brand. Unlike big name companies, they don’t boast a high price tag.  Having used other brand straps before, I can attest that these are no different. They literally hold their own, against the competitors.

Two different lengths are offered, 8ft and 11ft (distance per strap). The longer of the two costs three dollars more.   They may weigh more than some ultra-light weight options, but unless you are looking to shave off precious ounces from your pack weight, they are well worth their money.


  • Carabiners Included
  • 600lb load strength
  • Triple-stitched safety loops
  • 100% money back guarantee
  • 30 loops
  • light at 11.2 oz


  • No complaints unless you need something longer than 16 ft long

Final Verdict

These hammock hanging straps are durable, strong, well designed, and affordable.  Whether you are looking for a way to relax around the campsite, or plan on sleeping in your hammock during a multi-day adventure, these are a perfect buy.

I recommend buying the larger size (11ft), which will give you more options of trees to utilize, but the color choice (orange or blue) is up to you.  Happy hanging!


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