Outwell Posadas Foldaway Double Camp Bed And Centuple Double Review

Outwell Posadas Foldaway Bed Double

Last Updated on July 27, 2021

If you’ve been camping recently and had a poor night's sleep outdoors with one of those pesky inflatable air beds and ground-hugging self-inflating mattresses (SIMs), you will love the Outwell Posadas Foldaway Double Camp Bed And Centuple Double Review.

The Outwell Posadas double camp bed sleep system includes the Outwell Posadas Centuple mattress combined with the popular Outwell Posadas double camp bed. In short, it's like having your bed from home while camping outdoors. I will look at each of these parts of the system separately and then compare them with other similar camping bed products.

  • Easy to fold and open up from the middle (see how in the feature description section). Compact when folded.
  • Additional pillow-like cushioning on the bed for your head.
  • 2-year warranty - one of the best on the market.
  • The bed is 19 inches tall, giving you plenty of space underneath to keep your belongings.
  • Strong stitching and durable carry bag.
  • No end bars, the entire bed space is available for sleeping.
  • Plastic caps on the legs prevent damage to the floor of your tent
  • It is not long enough for campers who are taller than 6’5”.
  • The bar in the middle is a perennial problem with camping beds. If you are sleeping with your significant other, forget about cuddling.
  • There is no insulation underneath the bed from the cold if you are not using the mattress. A SIM or air bed does provide insulation from below. 
  • You can feel the other person moving or getting out of the bed. 
  • No side tables or extra carry pouches for your phone and other small items.
  • The bag does not have a wheeled base for easy carrying.
  • Comfortable and sweat-absorbing mattress topping with an excellent TENCEL™ (Lyocel) and microfiber mixed cover fabric.
  • The topping is machine washable.
  • The mattress fits in place with elastic bands, so it does not slip and slide.
  • It's an entry-level foam mattress with 16kg/m3 PU foam filling. So don't expect this to be as comfortable as your mattress from home.

Outwell Posadas Foldaway Bed Double Review


This is a two-person cot bed. It measures 52.7 x 76 x 18.9 inches and supports up to 550 lb (275 lb x 2 people). It is large and comfortable, especially if you are a side sleeper, and has no end bars, so you can use the entire space for lying down.


The fabric used is polyester, 300D x 300D. D refers to Denier, a measure of the thickness of your fabric's thread. The fabric of this camp bed is strong but may not be best in class as there are other alternatives with higher thickness and durability, which I will discuss later. The polyester fabric used is strong and can withstand a lot of stress.

Outwell Posadas Foldaway Bed Double

The frame and brackets are made from powder-coated steel. Powder coating adds corrosion resistance, making the bed more durable. There is a crossbar in the middle that provides additional support and weight-bearing capacity (though it's also a cause of nuisance since it effectively separates the two sides of the bed)

The bed has nine lock jointed legs in a triangular pattern, which makes the base strong. This configuration also makes it easy to open and close, which I will explain below.


Folded, the bed measures 7.9” x 10.6” x 38”. The mattress additionally measures 7.6” x 11.8”. Even though this is fairly small, you will still need to have a car to carry this equipment with you. The whole thing weighs 35.5 lb, and both the mattress and the bed come with their separate carry bags.

Outwell Posadas Foldaway Bed Double

Check out our best light & ultralight cot review if you're looking for fairly compact and lightweight cots that won't eat up your gear space.

Ease of Use

The cot has elastic bands on all sides, which can affix a queen-sized mattress and prevent it from sliding and slipping when you lay on it. 

There is cushioning at the head of the bed for extra comfort if you don't use the mattress.

Ease of assembly

Putting up this bed takes less than 5 minutes. All you need to do is to take it out of the bag, stretch out the legs, unfold from the middle (like you would unfold an umbrella), and the bed is ready. You can watch how to unfold it here.

Just like tent cots, the Outwell Posadas Foldaway Bed Double is super easy to set up, and the only thing you should remember is to place the cot in a level area.

Outwell Centuple Mattress Review 


The mattress has a 16 kg/m3 foam filling of polyurethane. This is the basic foam filling for an entry-level mattress. It is a soft mattress, enough to give you a good night's rest, but I won't recommend it for someone with a bad back.

Topper Fabric

The topper uses microfiber and TENCEL™. TENCEL™ is a type of fabric added to polyester and cotton to make it more moisture-retentive and comfortable to touch.

Outwell Posadas Foldaway Bed Double

Ease of Use

The mattress comes with a carry bag. When folded, it measures just 7.6” x 11.8”. 

You need to take it out of the bag, unroll the mattress, use the elastic bands at the bottom of the mattress to snap it onto the bed, and you are done. The whole thing might take you 2 minutes.

The topper is machine washable (there is a zipper at the bottom to take out the foam mattress and wash the topper)


Alternatives To Outwell Posadas Centuple Double Bed

If the Outwell Posadas Centuple Double Bed is not your ideal choice, there are several similar alternatives you can consider.

Coleman Airbed Cot - Queen

Coleman Camping Cot is a cot + inflatable mattress combination that also has a battery-operated pump thrown in. This is a fairly strong bed with a steel frame that can handle up to 600 lb. It's bigger than the Outwell Posadas Centuple Double (78” x 59”).

coleman queen air mattress folding cot with side table and 4d battery pump review

I have always found air mattresses to provide your back with better support, so that's one point where this product scores over the Centuple Double. However, the larger size of the Coleman camping cot makes it heavier (42 lb), and the air mattress always poses the problem that even a small hole can leave the mattress flat in no time.

It also has many user-friendly features like a wheeled bag for carrying it and foldable tray tables on the side of the bed.

Ivation EZ-Bed

Ivation EZ-Bed is a cot and air mattress combo bed. This is a wider and taller bed (79" x 61" x 24") than the Outwell Posadas Centuple system. 

Ivation EZ-Bed

You don't need an air pump to inflate it. Instead, you can inflate it by plugging it directly into a wall socket. But that also means you will need to carry a portable generator with you while camping.

The mattress is joined to the bed, so it is rather bulky when folded with dimensions of 21" x 26" x 16". It's also quite a bit heavier than the Centuple, weighing about 50 lb. Despite this, it only has a weight capacity of 450 lb.

Outwell Posadas Foldaway Double Camp Bed And Centuple Double Review Verdict

If you are pining for a proper bed when you go out camping with friends, this is a soft and comfortable no-frills option for you. 



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