Ohuhu Wood Burning Camping Stove Review

Ohuhu Wood Burning Camping Stove Review

Photo Credit: Mariah Swigart

Last Updated on April 28, 2021

In the world of camping stoves, one design stands out as a unique contender. The Ohuhu wood burning stove is a cooking tool to have around for any outdoor escapade. From backpacking trips to laid back car camping, if you are looking for a low maintenance, easy to use stove at an affordable price, the Ohuhu may be perfect for you.

Highlighted Features of the Ohuhu


With a space saving design of the Ohuhu stove is perfect for backpacking or simplified camping. A pot supporter, solidified alcohol plate, stove base plate, stove chamber, and bottom vents are included with the complete package. Each component of the stove conveniently nests inside one another, compacting down into a relatively small package. Easily store this stove into many popular backpacking pots to create a perfect backpacking “Russian doll” of cooking gear.

Ohuhu stove

Photo Credit: Mariah Swigart

Setting Up

Even though the stove creates a contained environment for the fire, as with any fire, it is important to take certain safety precautions. It is important to begin with a flat surface as it is with most camping stoves. The Ohuhu stove is no different. Choose a spot on the ground or table that can withstand heat. If there are pine needles or leaves, clear them from the base of the stove. Just like with a campfire, you will want to keep an eye on any stray embers that may fly out of the stove chamber. I personally have never had an issue with the stove becoming a safety concern, but you can never be too careful with fire.


When completely set up, each piece fits nicely into each other creating a stable stand for the cooking pot. For additional reinforcements, the Ohuhu is equipped with a 3 arm pot supporter that holds cooking pots with ease.  You do not have to worry about preforming a balancing act with this stove’s design.


Photo Credit: Mariah Swigart


The is one of the most lightweight wood burning stoves on the market, coming in at only 14.2 oz. At this weight, the stove becomes even more travel friendly and a great choice for shaving a few extra pounds of your pack.


​While the weight and compact design welcomes backing trips, the size of the stove contributes to how many people can share the flame. The Ohuho heats up quickly and in my experience, boils one pot (about 750mL) of water in about less than 8 minutes. This is perfect for about two to three campers. However, if you are traveling with a large number of campers, it might be a good idea to pack at least two stoves.


Photo Credit: Mariah Swigart


The Ohuhu stove uses only sticks, pine cones, leaves, and other tendering to burn. If you are not able to find dry tendering, then the stove includes a tray to burn solidified alcohol. In the process of burning either fuel, there are no chemical emissions or fuel canisters needed; making this stove an overall environmentally friendly choice.

Material and Durability

Stainless steels makes up the stove's design, which is a benefit to the user in three main ways.

  • First, stainless steel is very durable. The combination of Ohuhu’s specific design and stainless steel makes this stove one that can take a beating. Even if it is minorly dented (within reason and still able to stand) the stove will still work just as well.
  • Secondly, stainless steel is an efficient conductor of heat. When the wood in the stove burns, the steel heats up as well and helps contribute to the cooking temperature of the pot sitting on top.
  • Lastly, stainless steel means that it can get wet without rusting.


There is minimal maintenance that needs to go into the Ohuhu stove. However, every once and a while there will be a build-up of residue and ash that can be wiped out of the stove’s chamber. If you are camping in the forest and using trees that contain sap, such as evergreens, the sticky residue will melt, and then adhere to the bottom of the stove.  To prevent this, line the bottom of the stove’s chamber with a thin layer of bar soap. The soap will act as a protective barrier between the sap and the steel. Who knew how handy a bar of soap could be?

Additional Items and Accessories

If your next camping trip at the top of a mountain during the winter or in the arctic, you will want to pack your own small sticks to burn. Since carrying around sticks is not ideal, the Ohuhu stove includes a tray for burning solid alcohol. While I have never personally needed to use it, the solid alcohol tray it is a nice addition to the stove. Solid alcohol tablets are lightweight and small, easy to travel with. It is a good idea to have a couple of these tablets on hand for emergencies.


Photo credit: Mariah Swigart

An easy to store pouch comes with the stove as part of the package. The pouch is good quality and has an adjustable drawstring. I do not use the pouch because my stove fits nicely into my cooking pot instead.

Installation and usage instructions are provided with the stove. The instructions are clear and feature easy to follow steps with photos.

Ohuhu offers a wind shield for addition purchase to keep the stove’s flame centralized under the cooking pot.


  • The stainless steel material is durable and strong for withstanding high temperatures and abuse
  • Stoves design can withstand high heat and rough traveling
  • Three-arm holder secures pots for extra support
  • Easy to find wood, twigs, leaves, pinecones, and even biomasses are fuel for the stove (almost unlimited fuel supply)
  • The stove is compact and portable.
  • Carrying case is included for transporting
  • A Trangia alcohol burning tray is included


  • Fuel burns quickly and needs to be constantly added to keep a flame
  • To add more fuel you must take the pot or pan off of the stove.
  • Ash can collect quickly in the fuel tray and needs to be emptied every so often
  • Rainfall may make finding dry kindling difficult
  • Will coat bottom of pots and pans with black carbon residue
  • Need to have Firestarter (matches, lighter, etc..) with you

Final Thoughts

No matter the location, the Ohuhu stove is an easy and efficient way to cook. While I still enjoy having a full campfire, the stove is my go-to for a controlled cooking environment. It quickly boils water, has a centralized flame, and I can adjust the amount of fuel I feel into the stoves chamber. Just make sure that you have ample matches or fire-starting equipment with you. Overall, I recommend this stove to anyone from the casual camper or extreme backpacker.

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