10 Family Camping Activities to Try on Your Next Trip in Australia

Family Camping Activities in Australia

Last Updated on April 28, 2021

Family camping is a fun tradition for millions of Australians.  Looking for new ways or activities to shake things up for the next camping trip is what sustains the interest in the great outdoors. For sure, there are dozens of camping activities out there that you haven’t indulged in yet. You can discover camping activities you never knew you needed.

To make your next camping trip in Australia more exciting and engaging, here are ten family camping activities that you can try on your next trip.

1. Engage in a scavenger hunt

Why not go all out and turn your camping trip into an adventure or treasure hunting? Divide your family into teams. It could be boys vs. girls or parents vs. kids. Just make sure to keep things within the safety nets. It is best to do it in broad daylight as the dark may scare the little kids.

2. Try a drive-in cinema in the woods

Are you familiar with drive-in cinemas? These are movies being viewed with a projector on a large wall or platform from the comfort of your car. Why not bring the movies to the woods? Make sure you have a projector with you. Find an open spot, set everything up, play the movie, and then just lie down on the hood of your car or the grass. Watch your favourite movies or TV shows with the entire family. If you’re worried about power supply, keep in mind that portable solar panels are available all year long.

3. Learn about the universe by stargazing

If you want your family to witness something beautiful or majestic, simply look up at night. If you have the equipment to get a closer look of the night sky, bring it to the woods. Teach your kids a thing or two about Astronomy or let them admire the beauty of what is beyond this planet.

4. Organise a Camping Olympics event

If a scavenger hunt is not enough, why not go into Olympic mode in the middle of the woods? All you need to do is prepare and stage engaging games for the entire family to compete in. You can bring some sports equipment with you. This activity is not just for the family, but for the entire gang. Bring everyone to make it more fun.

5. Encourage everyone to participate in forest clean-up

This is more than an entertaining activity. It is an initiative to keep the forest safe and clean. Forest clean-up is big in Australia, with families going camping just to clean wide outdoor areas. It is also a great opportunity to teach your kids about taking care of the environment.

Family Members Enjoying Their Camping Trip

6. Hold a navigation training

If you have kids with you, this is your chance to teach them how to navigate the woods. Most kids these days are not capable of using a compass and are equipped with minimal navigation skills. This lesson will come in handy not only during camping trips but for more activities ahead.

7. Hold a birthday party in the woods

If you are tired of the usual birthday venue for your family, why not go straight to the woods? Party games, food, good company, and the great outdoors can make the party more interesting.  Make sure to pick up the trash after the party is over.

Most science experiments and ventures are conducted indoors. As such, it would be exciting to try a couple of experiments like exploding volcanoes outdoors.  If you want to kick things up, try Physics experiments that have something to do with nature. If you need power supply, solar panels are there to provide you energy. If you need more power, why not get one of those portable generators?

9. Discover valuable metals

Metal detectors are not only for the beach. You might find something rare, awesome, or if you’re lucky, something unusual buried underneath. Metal detectors are so fun to use in the woods.  This could also spark the interest of your kids in Geology or Metallurgy.

10. Get musical by staging a concert

Forget about sing-a-longs and guitars around a campfire. Why not bring all your instruments to the woods and stage a concert? Encourage your kids as well as other campers on the site to perform. Other than the awesome tunes, it is also a great chance to get to know each other. Make sure to notify camping officials about your party to avoid confusion.

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