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Last Updated on April 28, 2021

A common problem for people camping in a tent or sleeping outdoors in a sleeping bag is the chill they feel in the night. Even if you have chosen the right sort of sleeping bag for the season, you may still feel cold. This stops you from getting a good night’s sleep and in turn, you will not function as well in the day. While some people choose to simply layer their clothing to overcome this problem, another solution is to use a sleeping bag liner. Here you can learn more about how to choose a sleeping bag liner and read reviews of the best sleeping bag liners available.

Quick Overview of The Best Sleeping Bag Liners

The Friendly Swede Camping Sleeping Bag Liner8.35 Oz86" x 41"Check Price
TETON Sports Sleeping Bag Liner1.5 lbs91" x 58"Check Price
Outdoor Vitals Sleeping Bag Liner8 Oz80" x 32"Check Price
Cocoon Silk TravelSheet4.8 Oz86" x 35"Check Price
Vumos Sleeping Bag Liner and Camping Sheet10.9 Oz83" x 34"Check Price
ALPS Mountaineering Mummy Sleeping Bag Liner10.4 Oz86" x 34"Check Price
Sea to Summit Premium Silk Travel Liner5 Oz84 "x 36"Check Price
Browint Silk Sleeping Bag Liner6.3 Oz87" x 43"Check Price
DIMPLES EXCEL Sleeping Bag Liner8.35 Oz86" x 41"Check Price
E-Onfoot Microfiber Fleece Sleeping Bag Liners1.2 lbs71" x 32"Check Price

Reviews of The Best Sleeping Bag Liners

When buying a sleeping bag liner, you will find a huge selection available and this can make finding the right one difficult. To simplify the process for you, here are reviews of ten of the best sleeping bag liners available now.

1. The Friendly Swede Travel and Camping Sleeping Bag Liner

You can use this cheap, rectangular sleeping bag liner to either line your sleeping bag or as a standalone sheet for traveling.

Easy Access:

It has a side opening that allows you to easily get in and out of the liner. This has both a zipper and a basic Velcro fastening, so you won’t need to worry about finding the zip or getting it stuck as you can just use the Velcro if you wish.

Soft to Touch:

In terms of comfort, this is one of the best sleeping bag liners as it is made from machine-washable polyester that is soft to touch.


At only 8.35 ounces, this is a good option for ultralight backpackers as an extra layer of warmth at night.

Generous Size:

The generous size of this sleeping bag liner means that even tall people can stretch out. When using as a standalone sheet, you are completely covered thanks to its length.


  • Lightweight
  • Comes with guarantee
  • Comfortable
  • Spacious
  • Has a pillow pocket
  • Fastening options
  • Cheap


  • Fabric feels slippery
  • Not the best for breathability

Final Verdict

This is one of the best choices for people who want the option of either lining their sleeping bag or using it as a sheet on a warm night or for stays in hostels. Therefore, it is ideally suited to travellers.

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2. TETON Sports Sleeping Bag Liner

A great product for camping, traveling, and spending nights away from home. The versatility of this sleeping bag liner means it will come in handy on many occasions.


The manufacturers claim that this sleeping bag liner will increase the temperature in a sleeping bag by 10 degrees Fahrenheit.

Available in Different Sizes:

You can buy this sleeping bag liner in different sizes. They are intended for use in The TETON sleeping bags and the range of sizes matches those of the sleeping bags. If you are buying this sleeping bag liner to use in a sleeping bag from another brand, it is important to check that the sizes correspond.

Easy Care:

This sleeping bag liner is machine washable. Using it will protect your sleeping bag and reduce the need to wash this item of gear.

Double Openings:

It is easy to access as it has openings on both sides of the liner. These have Velcro fastenings to prevent drafts getting in. When the Velcro is not in use, it folds down to prevent scratching your skin.


  • Compact in stuff sack
  • Velcro fastenings
  • Machine washable
  • Size options
  • Good insulation
  • Easy access


  • Stiff fabric
  • Slides around in the night

Final Verdict

A multipurpose item, this sleeping bag liner will suit lots of different situations, from sleeping out at a friend’s house to camping trips in the summer. As it is an easy-care product, you can use it time and again throughout the year.

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3. Outdoor Vitals Sleeping Bag Liner

With two style options available, this sleeping bag liner can meet many different needs and is suitable for a variety of purposes.

Style Options:

It comes in two style options; rectangular or mummy. Both styles are the same length and the same width at the widest point. The rectangular shape is perfect for those who want a sleeping bag liner for general use while the mummy-style liner is best-suited to serious backpackers.

Lightweight and Compact:

At just 8 oz, this is one of the best ultralight sleeping bag liners on the market. Despite its generous dimensions of 80x32 inches, it packs away in a stuff bag that measures just 6x5 inches. This means it will fit neatly into your backpack and takes up hardly any space.

Quality Materials:

These sleeping bag liners are made from micro polyester fiber. Not only is this a durable fabric that is suitable for outdoor activities, it also feels soft against the skin for added comfort.


  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Different styles available
  • Lightweight
  • Compact
  • Soft to the touch


  • No zippers or Velcro fastenings

Final Verdict

The mummy-shaped version of this sleeping bag liner is best-suited to ultralight backpackers due to the low weight and compact size when packed into the stuff sack. The rectangular version is best for general use.

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4. Cocoon Silk Travel Sheet

This silk sleeping bag liner will add a touch of luxury and comfort to the nights you spend away from home.


As this travel sheet is made from silk, it is soft to the touch and will help you to feel comfortable. An extra comfort feature is the pillow insert as this means you can get your head into a comfortable position for a restful night’s sleep.


The design of this travel sheet means it is durable. It has reinforced gussets and double stitching on the seams.

Easy Access:

It is easy to get in and out of this sleeping bag liner as it has a side opening with Velcro fastenings.


This is one of the lightest sleeping bag liners at just 4.8 ounces. Despite its low weight, it is not intended for use by ultralight backpackers spending the night in freezing conditions.


  • Comfortable
  • Luxurious
  • Cool design
  • Durable
  • Compact and lightweight


  • Expensive
  • Not the warmest option

Final Verdict

This is best suited to camping in the summer or simply for spending the night away from home. It would also suit those who enjoy glamping and want a touch of luxury to add to the experience.

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5. Vumos Sleeping Bag Liner and Camping Sheet

As this is a rectangular sleeping bag liner, you can use it in various ways and is suitable for people of all sizes.


This is a great option for taller or larger people as it is 85 inches in length and measures 33.5 inches across the width. It is just as good for smaller people who prefer having room to move around inside their sleeping bag.

Nice Fabric:

It is made from 100% polyester that is breathable and has a silk-like finish. This means it is comfortable to sleep in and soft to touch.

Good Zipper:

This sleeping bag liner has a full-length zipper that goes all the way down one side and across the bottom. This makes it easy to climb in and out and you can open the zip from either end.


  • Full-length zipper
  • Good size
  • Full guarantee
  • Comfortable
  • Pillow pouch


  • Difficult to get back in the bag
  • Only suitable for warmer weather
  • Heavy at around 11 oz

Final Verdict

If you are an occasional summer camper, then this is a cheap option that will take the chill out of the evening air. It is not suitable for ultralight backpacking in extreme weather as it is heavier than most other options and is not great for insulation.

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6. APLS Mountaineering Mummy Sleeping Bag Liner

This mummy-style brushed polyester sleeping bag liner adds warmth in colder weather and doubles as a sheet for camping out in the summer months.


As this sleeping bag liner is made from brushed polyester, it will increase your sleeping bag temperature by approximately 10 degrees Fahrenheit.

Stuff Sack:

It comes with a stuff sack, so you can conveniently pack your sleeping bag liner away for storage in your backpack or at home.

Good Length:

At 86 inches, this is one of the longest sleeping bag liners on the market. However, this is not reflected in the width as it is 32 inches wide and this is average.


  • Long
  • Machine-washable
  • Comes with stuff sack
  • Warm


  • Heavier than most at 11 oz
  • Narrow foot area
  • No zipper

Final Verdict

This sleeping bag liner is perfect for keeping you warm when camping in the fall and is just as good for use on its own in warmer weather. The main downside to this sleeping bag liner is the narrow foot area as people have said it makes it difficult to turn over at night.

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7. Sea to Summit Premium Silk Travel Liner

The luxurious feel of silk upgrades the outdoor experience while also fulfilling the practical requirements of a sleeping bag liner.


The manufacturers estimate that this product will increase the temperature in a sleeping bag by between 10 and 15 degrees Fahrenheit.

Quality Material:

This silk sleeping bag liner is made from AA-grade RipTop silk that is both comfortable and durable. It is also tear-proof and high wicking.

Comfort Stretch Panels:

One of the best features of this silk sleeping bag liner is its lycra comfort stretch panels. These are located down the sides of the liner and allow you to move around easily. This makes this product less restrictive


This sleeping bag liner is classified as lightweight as the standard version weighs just 5 ounces.


  • Stretchy panels for ease of movement
  • Good quality
  • Color, shape, and size options
  • Lightweight
  • Tear-proof
  • Warm


  • Expensive
  • No sipper

Final Verdict

Despite being one of the most expensive options, many would argue that the extra cost is worth it for the level of comfort this liner adds to the outdoor sleeping experience while also fulfilling the practical requirements expected of a sleeping bag liner. Most have said the lack of zippers is not a problem as the stretch panels make it easy to get in and out.

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8. Brownit Silk Sleeping Bag Liner

For those who prefer silk sleeping bag liners, this is one of the best-priced options available now that also fulfills its practical purpose.

Quality Materials:

They are made from 100% natural AA grade mulberry silk. This is a soft and comfortable fabric that is hypoallergenic and machine washable. It is also breathable and repels mildew and mold.

Extra Wide:

This is a spacious sleeping bag liner as it measures 87 inches in length and 43 inches in width. This is longer and wider than most other liners available. Therefore, it will fit most people comfortably, despite height and weight.


It only weighs 6.3 ounces and fits snugly into a compact nylon stuff case. This means it is suitable for ultralight backpackers.


This is a durable liner as it has reinforced gussets to prevent tearing and fraying along the seams.


  • Reasonably priced
  • Top-quality fabric
  • Ultra-lightweight
  • Machine washable
  • Wide


  • Fabric is clingy
  • Difficult to get in and out

Final Verdict

This is a fantastic choice for people who enjoy the luxury feel of silk but have a limited budget. It is also a good option for larger people as this long sleeping bag liner is extra wide.

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9. DIMPLES EXCEL Sleeping Bag liner

For those on a budget, this sleeping bag liner provides a comfortable night’s sleep for people of all sizes.

Soft and Durable:

It is made from polyester that is soft to the touch and will help you to enjoy a restful sleep. This material is also durable, so it can withstand regular use in various conditions. The fabric is organic, recyclable, and machine washable.

Large Opening:

There is a large side opening with a full-length anti-snag zipper. This means it is easy to get in and out of the liner in the night.

Generous Space:

This sleeping bag liner is perfect for larger people or those who want space to move around freely. At 86 inches in length and 41 inches in width, it is one of the best sleeping bag liners in terms of space.


  • Cheap
  • Roomy
  • Comfortable
  • Durable
  • Lightweight


  • Slippery
  • Poor breathability

Final Verdict

This is an excellent choice for people on a budget who want a comfortable yet practical sleeping bag liner. It is also ideal for taller and larger people as it is one of the largest sleeping bag liners available.

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10. E-Onfoot Microfiber Fleece Sleeping Bag Liners

One of the best fleece sleeping bag liners on the market, this liner will warm up your sleeping bag in most weathers.


According to the manufacturers, this fleece sleeping bag liner will add an extra 12 degrees to the warmth of your sleeping bag. This means that you can stay warm when using this liner in conjunction with a 35-degree sleeping bag in temperatures as low as 23 degrees Fahrenheit. When used on its own in the summer, you will stay warm in temperatures above 50 degrees.


The rectangular design means that you can use this liner in other ways. For example, it is good to use as a standalone cover, as a car blanket, or even as an extra layer at home.


  • Warm
  • Cheap
  • Color options
  • Guarantee


  • Small and tight
  • Bulky when folded

Final Verdict

A cheap option that will keep you relatively warm and you can use in various situations. It is better for casual campers and not for hiking in extreme conditions.

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Guide to Choosing the Best Sleeping Bag Liners

At first glance, it may seem like all sleeping bag liners are very similar as they have the same purpose. However, there are some key differences between them making some a better choice than others. This guide will help you to find the best sleeping bag liners for you.

Materials and Types of Sleeping Bag Liners

The materials used in a sleeping bag liner can make a big difference to its effectiveness and to the price. The four most common types of sleeping bag liners are silk, synthetics, thermal, and microfiber. Here are the benefits of each:

  • Silk sleeping bag liners- Although silk is the most expensive option, it has many benefits. It has excellent insulating properties and is soft against the skin. It is also high wicking, lightweight, and can protect against insect bites.
  • Synthetic liners- Synthetics are cheap materials that are breathable and lightweight. They are also soft to the touch and machine washable.
  • Thermal/ insulated sleeping bag liners- A thermal sleeping bag liner is the warmest option and they allow you to use a thinner sleeping bag, even in cold weather. They are breathable, allow for easy movement, are soft to the touch, and are machine washable.
  • Fleece/ microfiber sleeping bag liners- Microfiber is one of the cheaper options, but it provides a good level of warmth and you can use it on its own in good weather. They are also lightweight and machine washable.

Sleeping Bag Liner Shapes

There are two main sleeping bag shapes; mummy and regular. It is important that you buy a sleeping bag liner that is the same shape as your sleeping bag. This means it will fit well, feel comfortable and keep all parts of you warm.

  • Mummy-shaped liners-These are wider at the shoulders and tapered towards the feet. They give a more snug fit for keeping you warm in the winter.
  • Regular sleeping bag liners- These will fit in any sleeping bag that is not mummy-shaped. The advantage of this shape is that you can use it as a standalone sheet in warmer months.


Most people buy a sleeping bag liner to keep them warm, so the level of insulation provided is a key factor when making your choice. The two best options in terms of insulation are microfiber/ fleece or insulated sleeping bag liners.

  • Fleece sleeping bag liners- In most instances, a fleece sleeping bag liner will increase the temperature in a sleeping bag by 12 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Insulated sleeping bag liners- These thermal sleeping bag liners are often made from a material called Thermolite®. They claim that they can increase the temperature in your sleeping bag by as much as 25 degrees Fahrenheit. A Thermolite sleeping bag liner is more expensive than the fleece option.

Other Considerations

  • Price- These are a relatively affordable piece of equipment for outdoor pursuits enthusiasts, although prices may vary. The price depends on the brand, the shape, and the materials used.
  • Insect protection- If you are planning to travel to areas known for bug infestations, then choosing a sleeping bag liner that has built-in bug-protection is wise.

Knowledge Base

What is a Sleeping Bag Liner?

Sleeping bag liners are a layer of fabric that you insert into your sleeping bag. They are made from different materials and come in different thicknesses, so they are suitable for several purposes.

What Are the Benefits of a Sleeping Bag Liner?

The main purpose of a sleeping bag liner is to increase the warmth in your sleeping bag, thus making you feel more comfortable. However, this is not the only way in which you can use a sleeping bag liner. These are versatile items that people spending the night outdoors or in a tent use in a variety of ways and they have several benefits.

Hygiene- A sleeping bag liner adds a layer of protection between you and your sleeping bag. This reduces the amount of sweat and dirt that get on the inside of the bag. This is useful as sleeping bags are bulky and tricky to wash. It is much easier to wash a liner.

Standalone sheet- Some people use these as a standalone sheet and not as a liner for a sleeping bag. For example, those who want to sleep directly under the stars in the summer months may use them for outdoor sleeping and ultralight backpackers may use them as an alternative to a sleeping bag.

Insect bite protection- Another benefit of having a sleeping bag liner is they can reduce the likelihood of getting bitten by an insect as they give an extra layer of protection.

Extending the life of your sleeping bag- By adding that extra layer of protection, you can also extend the life of your sleeping bag.

Do Sleeping Bag Liners Keep You Warmer?

A sleeping bag liner is intended to increase the temperature inside your sleeping bag. How warm it will keep you depends on the materials. The best sleeping bag liners for warmth areThermalite sleeping bag linersas these make you feel up to 25 degrees Fahrenheit warmer than using your sleeping bag alone. However, it is important to note that if you are sleeping in freezing conditions, you will only feel warmer and this does not necessarily mean you will feel warm. They will take away the chill and this will make you more comfortable to get a better night’s sleep. Even the best sleeping bag liners can only improve your sleeping conditions and not completely resolve the impact that freezing conditions will have on your comfort.

Final Verdict

Sleeping bag liners are a great solution to the problem of feeling cold when camping or sleeping outdoors. They are something that many people who enjoy outdoor pursuits use to help them get a decent sleep. There are plenty of options available to choose between that suit different budgets and purposes.

The best option for those on a budget is The Friendly Swede Camping Sleeping Bag Liner as this practical item is lightweight and will keep you warm but doesn’t break the bank.

The best buy for ultralight backpacking is The Outdoor Vitals Sleeping Bag Liner as it is lightweight and compact.

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