Review of The ALPS Mountaineering Lynx Tent (2 Person)

Photo of Lynx tent taken by M.Swigart

Last Updated on March 30, 2021

ALPS Mountaineering delivers an affordable and reliable shelter with the Lynx tent. From ease of set up to the comfort of the interior, the Lynx may just be the answer to your camping needs.

Highlighted Features of The ALPS Mountaineering Lynx Tent


After four years of using the Lynx I have never questioned the durability or design of this tent, and I expect for it to last many more years. The ALPS brand has impressively designed the Lynx tent to be weatherproof and stable while still providing excellent ventilation and space.


The Lynx has plenty of room for two people as well as their backpacks. On multiple occasions three people have slept comfortably in my Lynx tent. The mesh roof allows for maximum ventilation as well as a sense of sleeping under the stars.


At 6 lbs, the Lynx is certainly not considered a lightweight tent option. I have brought the tent on a few backpacking trips and get by just fine by splitting the gear between two people. Usually one person carries the tent and bedding and the other person carries everything else. Because it is a roomie tent for two people, this system of backpacking works, however, if you are planning on taking the tent for solo backpacking trips, I recommend a lighter tent.

Photo of Lynx tent taken by M.Swigart

Photo of Lynx tent taken by M.Swigart

The Set Up

One of the elements I love about this tent is the quick and easy set up. The tent uses a freestanding pole design created with 7000 series aluminum poles. Effortlessly place the poles in the correctly and snap the tent hooks onto the poles, then you are done. The tear down is just as easy.

Weather Resistant

Photo of Lynx tent taken by M.Swigart

Photo of Lynx tent taken by M.Swigart

Moderate Weather Approved

The luxuries of the Lynx such as its height, roominess, and easy set up can also make it less secure in severe weather. The two-poll aluminum structure does fine in moderate winds, but if you are looking for a tent that will hold up through extreme storms, a shorter, more secure tent is a better option. I personally have not had issues with the Lynx in storms, however I have not taken this tent on trips where I might encounter harsher weather.


Waterproof seams and a factory sealed polyester rain fly transforms the tent’s mesh sides and roof into a weatherproof fortress. The rain fly’s design includes fly buckets as well as two vestibules that provide extra weather protection. The vestibules create a double door entry to the tent and a dry place to store gear. I have noticed that condensation can build on the interior of the rain fly which may require some drying out before storing the tent.

Sun Protected

Without the rain fly, the Lynx tent is mostly mesh material. The mesh walls provide the option of a great view and excellent ventilation. If privacy or weather are concerns, the tent can be transformed into a shaded and private shelter by adding the polyester rain fly. The rain fly is UV resistant, while still allowing in natural light through the small windows on the side walls.

A Few Extras

extra zippers of lynx tentThough the Lynx has a basic design, it has a few additional features that make it more comfortable to the user. First is a small pocket located close to the floor of the tent. This feature is perfect for storing electronics, headlamps, or flashlights to keep them off the ground but also easily accessible. Inside, on the roof of the tent are clasps for an attachable gear loft. The loft creates a shelf to store small items above you, allowing for more organization and convenience to the tent. Additional convenience is found through the use of extra large #8 zippers. Though often taken for granted, the larger zippers come in handy when wearing gloves or accessing the tent at night.


  • Plenty of interior space for a two person ten
  • Rain cover with two vestibules provide extra storage
  • Easy Set up
  • Durable
  • Affordable
  • Great ventilation without rain fly
  • Weatherproof


  • Not lightweight
  • Needs the rain cover to be waterproof
  • Would not do well in extreme storms
  • Basic tent design
  • Rain fly collect condensation

Final Thoughts

The Lynx tent is my go-to for most camping trips due to its design and easy set up. While this tent is durable and a great quality for the price, I do not recommend purchasing the Lynx if your goal is to take it backpacking. For a large affordable tent that sets up in minutes, offers a chance to “sleep under the stars” and is used for traveling short distances, the ALPS Mountaineering Lynx Tent is a great choice.

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