Adventurous and Affordable Outdoor Activities to Try This Fall 

biking this fall

Last Updated on September 7, 2021

Warm summer months have already given away to falling leaves and chilly mornings. As the season of thanksgiving is upon us, it is a slippery slope into sales and endless mall adventures.  What everyone can benefit from this time of year is a commercial break from the long lines, and a step out into the outdoors.

While the world of fresh-air activities may seem to always have a large price tag attached at specialty outdoor stores, there are great adventures to be had without breaking the bank.  Check out these low cost and adventurous outdoor activities that will refresh your mind, foster times of fun and fellowship, and leave you with plenty of money for eggnog and last-minute stocking stuffers.

1. Take a Hike

This activity is pretty self-explanatory but sometimes it takes a little reminder of how fun and adventurous hikes can be. Choose a destination that is exciting and new to mix up the normal routine.

2. Geocaching

If you need more motivation to get outdoors, try Geocaching. Like a modern-day treasure seeker, you will be searching for hidden “caches” using your phone or GPS unit. By providing your coordinates, you will draw close to the area where the items are stashed.  Once you are at the location, you will have to look around to find the loot, as you will be within a few feet’s radius away.

3. Frisbee Golf

You may be surprised how many frisbee golf courses are located in your area. Look online for your nearest frisbee golf course and check it out!


4. Fishing

While some fishing supplies can really break the bank, there is certainly an option to skip the top of the line gear and just stick with what you have to fish with (even if it is literally a stick).

5. Bird Watching

This activity happens more than you think. In fact, you probably did some sort of bird watching today as birds simply seem to be everywhere. To truly enjoy bird watching, grab a pair of binoculars and a bird guide to identify as many as you can.

6. DIY Paintball

You can gather all the gear for paintball or visit a facility, you can also make your own paintball fun at a fraction of the cost. Use water balloons filled with a watercolor washable paint and make enough to really get a paint war on outdoors.

7. Hatchet Throwing (with Caution)

There are several axe throwing facilities currently open for business. If you have been, you have probably been told how dangerous the activity can be, but also how simple the technique is. Instead of spending the money to go to a facility, create your own hatchet throwing station outside. You will need to build a target board, but there are several simple tutorials online which you can then use as a target over and over again.

8. Camp Cooking or Barbecuing

Don’t forget the simple action of taking your meal outside. From deep in the woods to on the back lawn, there is something special about cooking your meal outdoors.

9. Biking

From a leisurely ride on the street to extreme mountain biking, this activity is a great workout and a blast to enjoy.

10. Water Sports

Depending on your location, water gear rentals can be expensive, but that does not mean there are not ways around gear rental. Check out water sources that will allow you to bring a pool floaty. There are also individuals who will rent out their paddleboards and other water gear for a fraction of the cost of businesses.

11. Slacklining

The beauty of a slackline is that it can be set up in several different locations. It is best to find someone who has a slackline that would want to share the activity with others. If no one is willing to volunteer, you can purchase your own slackline for a reasonable price.

12. Rock Climbing

This is another activity that is best done with a group, especially if someone already has the gear. You will need a harness of your own, unless you choose to boulder. Both bouldering and sport climbing are great ways to get a workout and get your heart rate racing!

13. Climb a Tree

While not quite as safe as rock climbing, you can still summon your inner child and look for some great trees to climb.

14. Create Your Own Fun

A "do it yourself" obstacle course, mini golf course, and sport setups are sometimes the best outdoor activities. Use your creativity to summon the most fun course or sport setting for you interests.

15. Stargaze

I certainly do not stargaze nearly as much as I should, especially when I’m not camping. Stargazing can happen in your backyard, the park, and well, I guess anywhere that you get a clean view of the night sky. Its just a matter of taking the time to stop and look up at night for a bit!


The beast of holiday shopping has already started to wake from its hibernation. Choose more affordable and adventurous weekend ventures than a weekend visit to the mall. Get outside and try one of the fun activities with your family.

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