10 Fantastic Summer Camping Desserts

summer camping deserts

Last Updated on September 7, 2021

Snuggling up next to a campfire on a chilly summer night is the ideal way to spend time together, but when combined with a campfire dessert, it’s a perfect evening. Try one of these ten delicious camping desserts and take your camp food experience to the next level.

1. Stuffed Banana Boats

Stuffed Banana Boats

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Most campers love time on the water, but this campfire dessert brings a whole new meaning to the word “boat.” These stuffed banana boats are customizable to fit the taste and preferences of everyone at the camp. Simply place a peeled banana in foil, then cut the banana lengthwise to make room for the toppings. Fill the banana with toppings of your choice such as trail mix, mini marshmallows, chocolate chips, fruit, caramel, and any other topping that suits your sweet tooth. Lastly, fold the foil around the banana and toast over the fire. Toasting the banana will melt any toppings and provide you with a warm and cozy dessert after a day in the wilderness.

2. Campfire Pies

Campfire Pies

I grew up eating camp pies every time we camped as a family. In fact, my favorite camp story was when a raccoon snuck up behind me and tried to steal my camp pie! Even as a young girl I was willing to fight off the woodland animals for this delicious dessert, and my opinion is still as strong today. The key to this recipe is in the tool. A campfire pie maker is an inexpensive cooking tool that delivers gourmet results. Simply spray the inside of the pie maker with non-stick spray, butter the outside of two pieces of toast, fill one interior side of the bread with pie filling of your choice, close the two sides and toast over the fire. When both sides of bread are toasted, remove the sealed pie from the maker, and top off with powdered sugar. Feel free to get creative with this tool. Make sandwiches, hot pockets, grilled cheese, and much more with this campfire cooking tool. Though in my option, nothing beats the campfire cherry pie.

3. Specialty S’mores

Specialty S’mores

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There is nothing quite like the traditional campfire S’more! Turn to this favorite in its original recipe of toasted marshmallow, chocolate, and gram cracker, or bump it up a notch! Replace a simple chocolate bar with a miniature candy. Some of my favorite chocolate bar substitutes are Reeses Cups, Snickers, Rolos, or Caramels. For a fun twist, use fruit or a fruity candy such as a Starburst for a creamy tart taste. The best part of these specialty S’mores is the lack of rules! Let your family or guest pick out their custom recipe for a memorable dessert.

4. Orange Chocolate Cake

Orange Chocolate Cake

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Who says you can’t have your orange and cake too? With this campfire dessert, you can enjoy a refreshing citrus fruit after a long hike, then save the peel for your after-dinner dessert. Bring along a cake or muffin mix that only needs water added, mix up the batter, pour into an orange or grapefruit peel, and cook over the fire. Just like with baking, this recipe will need indirect heat and some time to cook, so getting started on this dessert while eating dinner is a good idea.

The Cookie Monster

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Use those trusty iron skillets for even more than the many campfire meals they’ve served you in the past. For this giant cookie goodness, make sure to start with a clean and greased iron skillet. Then mix up cookie batter or bring along some pre-made cookie dough on your camping trip. For the best cooking results, cover and place the iron skillet in hot coals, then pile more coals on top.

6. Transformed Trail Mix

Transformed Trail Mix

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If you are an outdoor adventurer, you are probably a trail mix fan. While trail mix alone is the perfect snack for a hike, this recipe extends the value to this blessed mix. Take the leftover sweet and salty mix of the day and place it in a plastic bag (unless it already is in a bag). In a cooking pot or pan, melt chocolate of your preference. Then pour the chocolate over the trail mix, and cover with powdered sugar. This dessert is similar to the favored “puppy chow” recipe and is equally loved by others.

7. Gourmet Apple

Gourmet Apple

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Just as versatile as trail mix, packing along granola is also a great option for a multipurpose gourmet camping experience. Take a leftover apple from the camping snacks, and cut out the core. Be careful to not go all the way through to the bottom of the apple. The apple should be transformed into a sort of bowl. Then fill the apple with your choice of toppings. Butter, cinnamon, sugar, nutmeg, chocolate, or caramel are just a few toppings that work well for this recipe. Next, top the apple’s opening off with granola and wrap the apple in foil. Cook over warm coals until the apple is soft then enjoy your healthy, and made to order treat.

8. Fresh Fruit and Whipped Cream

Fresh Fruit and Whipped Cream

There is nothing quite as refreshing as the original fruit and whipped cream treat for a summer evening. If you have a long way to travel for your camping destination, freeze the fruit before your trip and use it as an extra ice pack in the cooler.

9. Campfire Cones

Campfire Cones

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If you are camping light or backpacking, choosing a campfire cone recipe may be the best option for your evening. All you need for this dessert is an ice cream cone, and your favorite toppings. I prefer chocolate and strawberries, but you can use any food you packed. The cone holds all the ingredients together and can be placed over a fire to melt any chocolate.

10. Campfire Cobber

Campfire Cobber

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Last, but certainly not least is the mix berry cobbler. This recipe also uses the trusty iron skillet, filled with pie filling, cake batter and butter on top. Layer these ingredients in that order, and place on hot coals. With three simple ingredients you can have a campfire dessert that is a favorite for all.

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